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Water Damage Bowmanville East

When it comes to eliminating the challenges that are concomitant with a pipe burst, water heater failure, or any other form of liquid invasion, there is no one more skilled and prepared for the task than 911 Restoration Durham Region owner Mike Porco, or his water damage Bowmanville East team.

Water Damage Restoration Floor RepairWater damage in any of the various forms that it takes are all managed more easily when technicians get straight to work alleviating the situation, and this is why Mike and his water damage Bowmanville East crew arrive within 45 minutes of a call for help.

“In addition to being at the scene quickly, and with all the right tools for the task, we are also available to do these jobs at any and all hours of the day or night,” Mike says. “My team and I are available 24/7/365 for anything that springs up, and we are truly dedicated to making life easier for our clients.”

Mike and his water damage Bowmanville East team can take on any project at any time, but they are also experts at reducing the stress that these situations can cause for people, and that is why they make sure to always put the customer and their needs as priority number one for all jobs.

Don’t let your home be overrun with water damage from a pipe burst or any other means.

Contact Mike and the water damage Bowmanville East experts with 911 Restoration Durham Region today and get all of your restoration needs addressed immediately!

Water Damage Prevention Means Simple Maintenance Work

Taking charge of a water damage situation after the event has already unfolded is a daily endeavor for Mike and his water damage Bowmanville East team, but they are also specialized in helping people to prevent such catastrophes in the first place too.

“My staff and I get calls every day from people who simply want to know how they can protect their property from the weather or just wear and tear,” Mike says. “That is why we set down and developed a list of all the ways that we can help people to help themselves with simple maintenance tips and tricks.”

  • Make time to inspect the hoses and fittings on your appliances that are connected to the water line. If you find any small cuts or tears, be sure to replace the part immediately to avoid a larger ruptures when put under pressure down the road.
  • Water Damage Restoraiton Vacuuming AtticAvoid water damage from a ceiling leak by checking your roof for any missing, damaged, or displaced shingles. These spots can allow water in more easily and then you may have to replace the whole roof.
  • Try to never allow the temperature in your home dip too low. If you let it drop into the lower digits past the freezing point, you run the risk of allowing a pipe burst to occur and these can be truly expensive to repair.
  • Make sure to trim the trees around your property every year, or whenever a dead branch is visible. These can fall onto your home or business and break through the roof which will allow water damage to take place during the next rain on the inside.

“This list has some of the more common sources of water damage and their maintenance solutions, but there are many more ways that people can protect their home,” Mike says. “So if anyone has questions that aren’t listed here, they should feel free to give us a call and learn more.”

Don’t allow an errant branch to fall onto your home and cause water damage on the interior of your building. Contact Mike and the water damage Bowmanville East team with 911 Restoration Durham Region today for all the help you need!

Pipe Burst Malfunction Causes Basement Flooding Water Damage

When Mike and his water damage Bowmanville East specialists take on a project they make sure to always take care of the customer as priority number one.

Water Damage Restoration Van At Snowy Civic Job SiteFor a project that they did recently, Mike and his water damage Bowmanville East crew helped a homeowner finish up a restoration that they had started on their own.

“The homeowner decided to try and attempt to clean up a pipe burst on her own with a shop vac,” Mike says. “She did a really great job getting almost all of the water, but there were some sections where her vacuum couldn’t reach, and so we handled that for her.”

Mike and his water damage Bowmanville East team extracted water from her carpet in the finished basement, as well as cutting out the sections of drywall that had been soaked through.

“When we were done with water extraction, we began the dry-out portion of the restoration process to completely eliminate the chances for a mold contamination,” Mike says. “Since she had done so much of the work, the homeowner was even able to handle the cost of this project on her own without the need of an insurance claim. And we knew that was the goal so we worked with her to make the price as affordable as possible.”

Don’t let your home become overrun with water damage from a pipe burst or malfunction. Contact Mike and the water damage Bowmanville East team with 911 Restoration Durham for all of the restoration work your home needs to look and feel like the place you love again today!

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