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Water Damage Haliburton County

Solving challenges that erupt when a pipe burst occurs, or water heater fails, is such highly skilled work that it takes a professional like 911 Restoration Durham owner Mike Porco, and his water damage Haliburton County team to be done correctly.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Removing Vapor BarrierEliminating the damages caused during such events is best done quickly and this is why Mike and his water damage Haliburton County crew can arrive within 45 minutes of a call for help through any situation.

“My expert team of water damage Haliburton County specialists know all there is to about water damage restoration, and we are available to provide our expertise and services available 24/7/365 for anyone who needs us, anywhere a challenge springs up,” Mike explains.

Not only can Mike and his water damage Haliburton County crew take on projects at any time, but they can take on projects of all sizes too.

“My team and I are completely mobilized for all variety of work,” Mike explains. “We have all the latest drying technology and advanced extraction equipment at our disposal, and we have the training, experience and knowledge of the industry to use it efficiently in any situation.”

Don’t let a pipe burst scenario erupt in your lovely home unexpectedly. Contact Mike and the water damage Haliburton County crew with 911 Restoration Durham Region and get all of the home or business restoration services you need from a trusted provider today!

Maintenance Prevents Water Damage in Homes and Businesses Alike

Mike and the water damage Haliburton County specialists are complete experts when it comes to solving the challenges of a water invasion once it has occurred, but they are also extraordinary at helping people to avoid such situations through simple maintenance too.

“We try and help people as much as is possible with our knowledge of the business,” Mike says. “We do whatever we can to help them prevent water damage from ever happening, and that’s why we generated this list of tasks that people can do to keep their property safe.”

  • When the temperature gets lower, the chances of a pipe burst occurring rise dramatically. To prevent this from happening, simply keep up the temperature of the air in your home.
  • Water Damage Restoration In Downstairs BathroomCheck your gutters and downspouts to spot any clogs in the system that may become barriers to meltwater that then cause overflows and ice dams which can ruin a roof in a single season. Simply cleaning the gutters can save homeowners and businesses dramatically in avoiding a new roof.
  • Inspect the trees around your home or business for any dead branches that may fall off and hit your structure when put under the pressure of high winds of heavy snow. If a branch impales your roof it can cause huge amounts of water damage, so simply trimming can save a lot.
  • Take the time now and again to look at the hoses and fittings that connect up your water-based appliances to the main line of your home. If these become abraded they can rupture and spew water everywhere causing water damage to everything it comes in contact with.
  • Have a plumbing professional and restoration expert inspect your system and property respectively for any areas of concern that might grow to become water damage challenges later down the road.

“This list comprises the top reasons for water damage in homes and businesses, but there are plenty of other things that people can do to protect their property,” Mike says. “So if people are wondering about things that aren’t mentioned here, they should call us to find out more.”

Don’t allow your beautiful home to be overrun with water from a pipe burst or ice dam on your roof. Contact Mike and the water damage Haliburton County team with 911 Restoration Durham Region and get all the help you need with everything restoration related today!

Aging Roof Causes Water Damage and Ceiling Leak

Mike and the water damage Haliburton County team have seen and solved all manner of restoration projects in their time, and this is what gives them the confidence, know-how, and skill to handle any challenge they are presented with.

Water Damage Restoration Truck At Winter Flooding Site“When we got the call for this job we suspected that it was a roofing problem,” Mike says. “But then when we saw the property from the street we knew that it was a roofing problem. There were shingles missing everywhere and it looked like it hadn’t been tightly sealed since it was first laid down half a century ago.”

Mike and the water damage Haliburton County crew got straight to work on the inside eliminating soaked drywall and studs, and at the same time, he had a team working on the roof to repair the section that caused the problem.

“My guys and I showed the homeowner all of the problems that were going on with the roof, and we illustrated that they would only increase with time if they didn’t put a new roof up,” Mike says. “So the homeowner decided to get that done, and we helped take care of that too.”

Mike and his water damage Haliburton County specialists took total care of this homeowner, even helping out with the insurance paperwork to take as much off of their plate as possible.

Don’t let an aging roof cause a ceiling leak in your lovely home. Contact Mike and the water damage Haliburton County team with 911 Restoration Durham Region today!

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