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Cold Weather Returns to Durham

Published by 911 Restoration Durham on April 21, 2014 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration

pipe burst durham onEveryone knows the weather patterns have been changing drastically due to what scientists call global warming. In Durham, Ontario, we keep experiencing massive changes in temperature from spring to winter weather almost overnight. We are finding it difficult to make plans for daily activities because the temperature changes rapidly. By this time of year, my family is usually able to put away their winter coats and gloves. After a couple of weeks of warm weather, we thought it was safe to begin planting our garden, but the cold weather came back with a vengeance.

Keeping My Home Ready for Unpredictable Weather

In addition to keeping your family ready for unpredictable weather, take advantage of warmer days to prepare. While stocking up on groceries and bottled water, also buy road salt to sprinkle on sidewalks outside our home. Check our house’s exterior pipes for cracks or corrosion that can lead to water leaks. A few days of warm weather gives us a chance to repair leaking water valves and faucets located outside. You can wrap more insulation around water pipes in your basement or outside to prevent the items from bursting.

Staying Warm during the Spring

Keeping your family warm when the temperature drops is important. We had a long winter this year, causing us to use our fireplace more than usual. By the time the weather got warm in April, we were out of firewood. The warm weather made it possible for me to get a new load of firewood to stack outside for next winter. It is a good thing I bought that wood, because winter came back after a couple of weeks of warm weather. Fortunately, we were able to stay warm near our fireplace. Even when temperatures begin to warm up in the spring, keep in mind that cold weather can still come back unexpectedly.

Precautions to Avoid Water Damage

While it was warm, my neighbor and I teamed up to climb a ladder to check our roofs for damage. Working together meant that we were safer because one of us could watch to make sure the ladder did not sink into the mud. If we have loose shingles, we nail or glue the items down firmly to prevent water from leaking through ceilings. This is also a good time for us to clean our rain gutters and downspouts. During the winter, these items become filled with debris such as leaves.

Avoiding a Flooded Basement

When it rains, the blockages in the downspouts and gutters cause rain to run down directly to the ground. This rainwater will enter your home’s foundation causing water damage to your basement. This is also a great time for you to make sure the walls in the basement are still waterproofed properly. I check around the windows to make sure the seals are in good condition to prevent melted snow or rainwater from entering. I can apply a compound to cracks and holes on the basement walls to avoid a flood in my basement.

Remember – Spring is here but the cold isn’t over yet, at least not in Durham! Be sure to call a professional water damage team when you need help.

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